Clearly East


We are a family that has settled in Nova Scotia, Canada with the intent of building a homestead.

Keep us fuelled for the job by buying us a coffee…

Peter is the jack of all trades. From building, to filming, to playing a tune on his guitar, he does it all.

Bobbie-Jo is the homemaker. Passionate about sourdough, crafting/art, gardening and homeschooling, she is not afraid to learn something new. Together they have two amazing kids, Josiah and Zahra.



Bathroom update!

Happy New Year everyone! Today we find ourselves a week into January. Already!!! I’ll never get used to how fast time seems to fly by. We had a good time over the holidays. Big plans were made to finish off the bathroom. We made the trip to Ikea to get the boxes for the vanity…

The happenings between the lines

Life never seems to go as planned. A yurt that once only took 3 months to get cozy and complete, now is into it’s 7th month. It’s definitely harder this time around. The land was raw and untouched, supplies haven’t been as easily available, and I don’t have access to any machine I need when…

Details Take Time

Hey everyone! We’ve had another productive few weeks here at the yurt. The bathroom wall got closed in for Zahra’s birthday weekend. We were able to bring in the composting toilet inside! No more cold morning runs to the bathroom for us. Pete was able to get all the wiring, plumbing, framing and insulation done…


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