Beyond the Horizon

Welcome to Clearly East! This idea to create a YouTube channel and a blog has been on our minds for a few years now. We have been big followers of different channels through out the years of other homesteaders, tiny house builders, and different cross country adventurers. Now it’s our turn to share our adventure as we build up our little homestead in eastern Canada.
This week we venture into the unknown. As Peter finishes up working at his current job to make time for the intense building season, we have no idea what lies ahead. Starting any new project is always filled with excitement. However, it can also be filled with concerns for how it might turn out. Many times things never go as planned.
We are jumping into this project at the most risky time in our history. Events in our world today are making things very unstable. Globally, we are looking at potentially another world war. Locally, gas, food, and building supply prices are in extreme flux. This will make it even more challenging as we will have to find creative ways to get the job done.


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