Ice Cold

January has been so cold here. We have seen -23°C a few days here in January (and that’s not normal!). Every weekend since we picked up the Beast we have had snow storms. It’s been very discouraging not being able to get back and work on things. Last week we saw some plus temperatures. This paired with lots of rain helped to melt the snow.

We finally were able to make it there this past weekend. It was still pretty icy though so we couldn’t make it all the way up the driveway. We trudged through the snow the rest of the way. Since we couldn’t bring the generator in to warm up the Backhoes engine, Pete worked on adding grease to the Beast’s joints. After he was done we took a hike down to the river to see if there was still ice.

The river didn’t disappoint! There was still a good thick layer of ice across the surface. We all had fun slipping and sliding along the ice. One day we hope to be able to play hockey out there. The river just so happens to be the perfect width and length for a good game.


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