Learning New Things

March break has arrived in Atlantic Canada. Kids everywhere are out of school… except mine (technically). Today we took a break, pilled into the car and got out of the house. On the agenda today was a visit with friends (who by chance are also yurt dwellers), a visit to Canadian tire and Bulk Foods for necessary supplies, then off to the property to learn how to use the new Osmo action camera and gimbal.

This was my first time ever using a gimbal. Pete tried to help me out by giving me the manual to read while we drove. However, that didn’t work out to well. If anyone knows what it’s like to drive in Nova Scotia — the roads here are so windy, one gets pretty sick if you don’t have a strong stomach. I gave up trying to read pretty quickly! Pretty sure I’d figure it out as I went.

Once we got to the property, we unloaded and got straight to work. Pete started working on falling trees while I went down to the river to see if I could work out how to use the gimbal. I managed to get a few good shots, but I’ve gotta say, that thing is going to take lots of practice. Thank goodness for editing!


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