Cut, Pile, Burn, Repeat!

It feels like a never ending cycle. Cut the trees, pile the brush into a corner, burn said brush and repeat. This cycle has been made a bit more frustrating with the burn restrictions in Nova Scotia. At 2 pm they update wether or not it’s safe ro burn. There are 3 stages: green for burning between 2pm-8am, yellow for burning from 7pm – 8am, or red for no burning at all. Luckily, it’s been green in our area for the past 2 weeks. However, there has been a lot of rain as well! This makes it extremely difficult to get a fire started.

“The dance of the burning tree”

Today was a good day though. Not too windy, nice and sunny, and the wood was dry enough to get a good fire started.  So we started the cycle… cut, pile, burn… repeat. We have learned this past week that we can keep feeding fire until 4pm, then we stop and let it smolder down to fine coals. This timing has us leaving around 6pm to get home and make supper. By then everyone is tired, hungry, and ready to go home.

Pete thinks we only have a few more days like this and we should be done with the area for the Yurt. At that point, we can get the backhoe going to pull out all the stumps. I look forward to seeing level ground soon!


2 responses to “Cut, Pile, Burn, Repeat!”

  1. You guys will be getting nice and buff by the time you are done all of this! It must feel so good to work hard together and see your dreams beginning to take shape!!

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  2. Wow! You guys are workin g so hard but it’s so nice to see you doing it as a family ! You will have so many memories of good and funny times !


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