Battery Packs Arrived

Greeting everyone! Since my last post, work on the property hasn’t been very exciting. Pete has been cutting the trees and the kids and I have been piling and burning the brush. It’s been pretty tricky to get the fire started these days. This week we’ve had 2 days that were workable, the rest have been cold and raining and the next few days will be just as bad. The weather report promises sunshine on Sunday. So you can be sure we will be back out there cutting, piling and burning.

Yesterday we worked pretty hard on the property. Everyone was tuckered out and slept in this morning. Therefore, I decided to make the family a nice big breakfast to get our day off to a good start. On the menu was pan fried potatoes with eggs and left over sausage with fried onions and peppers. I was met with big smiles and lots of gratitude over the yummy feast. And boy, was it ever good! After breakfast, Pete settled into video editing while the kids and I got started on schoolwork.

Random Fun Fact: did you know that Play-doh was originally invented to clean coal soot off wallpaper in the 1930’s? (The things I learn whilst teaching)

After school was done, I checked my email and gleefully discovered that our batteries arrived at the shipping depot. We had ordered these things back in December from China. These batteries has been the biggest gamble in this whole adventure so far. Pete had found this company through Alibaba. All of the communications with the representative took place through WhatsApp. So when I was told to do a bank transfer of a large sum over to a random company in China, it was a bit nerve-wracking to say the least.

At the beginning of January, we were told the batteries were on a ship headed to Montreal. We could expect them to arrive within 3 months. March arrived and we got an email from a local representative in Toronto saying the crates were in Montreal. She helped us with the customs process and arrangments for getting them to Nova Scota. Last week we got the email that they were on their way. And today, they were ready for pick up! Feels like Christmas!

Pete and I jumped in the van and made the trip into town to pick them up. We had a few other things to get while there; Canadian tire for a socket wrench, Walmart for cooking oil, and then staples we found a good deal on a new selfie stick! (Score!) We had fun testing the new equipment on the way home.

Peter filmed the whole process… us getting the crates, him unboxing them, and his initial impressions. (I think they look beautiful!) You will have to keep an eye out for that video in the next coming days. With all the rain expected I’m sure it will be up in no time.

Until next time!


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