Digging out roots.

Roots… Trees need them grow nice and tall. They feed the tree, keep the tree standing in blustery winds, and help keep soil in place so that other vegetation can benefit. However, roots are no fun when you are trying to put in a foundation. We as humans have learned (the hard way) that our buildings need to have their own “root” system. That “root system” will look different on every construction site. We have chosen a prefab concrete pier foundation foundation. Turns out it is cheaper to get these from the local concrete yard than it is to pour your own footings!

We started digging out the roots with our backhoe just before we left for vacation. (If you follow our YouTube channel, you will see what Pete was able to get done in “The Beast” video.) Unfortunately, upon our return, we discovered the backhoe was struggling to work properly. It turns out its going to be a costly fix. There is still lots to do as far as digging out roots, moving rocks and grading the area for the house. It’s been an unfortunate set back on the build.

Don’t you worry though, we will push on to get this job done! Pete has arranged to have an excavator dropped off at the end of this month (Thank goodness we were able to find one available during this busy time of year). This works out perfectly with the materials for the foundation set to arrive around the same time. Everything seems to be a bit of a wait to get at the moment. So we will just have to wait patiently. And I can tell you, that is really hard to do when our little corner of the earth is starting to warm up so nicely.

Until next time!


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