Beauty in the Woods

Today, Pete is scheduled to recieve the excavator rental. He has also planned to camp out on the property tonight in the hope of conserving fuel (because we all know its too much right now!). Together we spent the morning making sure he had everything we could think of. This will be his first experience “camping” out. It won’t be legit camping… he”ll be staying in the container on one of the twin matresses… so he already has it better than most campers. He has the charcol bbq and a whole

He should have no problem out there. And I’m sure we will get some silly footage out it for the YouTube channel.

After getting him out the door, the kids and I finished up schoolwork, ate lunch and went for a quick walk at Pine Grove Park. Right now it’s the best time of year to go walking there. Everything is green and all the rhododendrons have started flowering. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!


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