Deck Posts

Hey folks! It’s about time I share an update on how the build is going. Monday, Pete cleaned up the build site as best as he could before the rental company came to pick up the excavator. Then we went into town to shop for brackets and nails for the deck. Sadly, the stores didn’t have enough of everything. We were told the shipment would be in by Friday. (No worries, we have been getting better at waiting these days…) The lumber that was meant to be delivered the previous week was finally dropped off by 4pm.

Tuesday, the building inspector come to check out the foundation posts. He was pleased with our work and gave us the green light to keep going. Pete spent the rest of the day moving the lumber from thr front of the driveway to the site. (Too bad the Beast is out of commission.)

Wednesday, Pete and a friend spent the day making sure the brackets were lined up right. They measured, cut and placed the posts that sit on the concrete piers. These posts will hold the main beams of the deck structure.

Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate. Rain started falling early Wednesday afternoon. This continued over into Thursday evening. Some might look at this and feel sad for the work day that was lost. However, it was good timing for us. The rain would help settle the posts and we could only get so much done before the brackets arrived.

And now it is finally Friday! Pete picked up all the brackets that we were waiting for. He has started putting the big beams together for the deck. The weather looks like it’s going to be amazing over the weekend. Our hope is to get the beams and joists together by the end of Sunday (Rain is forecasted for Monday and Tuesday).

I’m very excited to see this next week progress! Stay tuned for more updates…(hoping there is a lot this week!)


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