Hanging the Joists

Hey everyone! Got another rainy day to fill you in on what’s going. Saturday we had a bunch of friends and family help us out with our deck. We built the rest of the beams and hung the middle joists. Pete took care of cutting the wood to length while the rest of us hung the joists and attached the hangers. Would you believe it if I told you each joist has around 35 nails holding it in place? First we us 3 nails to hold the joist in place, then each hanger has 16 spots to put nails into (the inspector will want to see them ALL put in). I can guarantee you that we were all pretty tired (and sore) afterwards. Pete and I were SO greatful for all the help!

Saturday’s progress

Sunday we rested….

Today (Monday), Pete and I went together to see how far we could get. Our contractor friend has lent us his air nailer for the week. This is helping make the job much easier! Though, there was still a big majority that I had to do by hand. The hangers need to be tacked in by hand because the boards we have are actual 2″x10″. One has to bend it around the board and make sure its sitting right. Still, my shoulders and arms are happy that I don’t have to hammer ALL of the nails in.

New framing hammer!
Monday’s progress

We finished off the day with picking up supplies and setting up a make-shift jig for the bender board. Last time we put up the yurt, the plywood we used for the bender board struggled with the curve. So hopefully if we can pre-bend the plywood it will make things easier.

We hope to have the deck completed this week. Stay tuned for more updates! 😁


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