Raise the Roof!

Today we did so much and have a lot to show for it!!! The goal was to get the bones of our Yurt up… and we did it!!! A bunch of friends and family came to help us. We started early to get the bender board and scaffolding up before help arrived.

Then we measured and cut the openings for the hard windows and doors. Pete and his dad set them in place making sure they were plumb. Once our friends arrived, the hard work really began. First, the lattice was meticulous put into place. Next, the cable around the top rim was secured. Then came the daunting step — raising the roof.

The guys lifting the compression ring up to Peter.

2 guys had to hold the top compression ring as the other 2 passes roof rafters up to them. These rafters have 2 steel pins in the top and a notch at the bottom. The guys up top have to insert the pins and secure the boards with screws while the guys below put the notch into the cable. It’s not an easy job. But these guys figured it out.

Before the roof rafters

After the roof rafters.

Before we left for the day, Josiah took a moment to check out his “room.” He leaned through the lattice and I snapped this picture on the left. Was only 7 years ago he made the same pose the first time the Yurt was built. It’s fun to look back to see how much he has grown. We have come so far as a family. And not just in Kilometres… lol! Things change… little people grow up…(this year Josiah will be a teenager!) And we keep moving forward to whatever is waiting for us just beyond the horizon.


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