Roof Material

We had another busy day today! Our goal for was to get the roof material on and hopefully the tyveck before the rain was scheduled to come this evening. I’m thankful to say that we did it!

In our Yurt we have 4 layers to the roof. The first layer is a thin white cotton fabric. Second layer is a reflective bubble wrap. The third is a white foam blanket. Then finally you put the (very heavy) canvas on.

Now, we will be insulating everything to the “R” value for our region. So technically all the extra layers would be redundant…. but you can never have too much right? Lol!

We were not sure if we could get the canvas on with only Pete, me, and his parents. The canvas is easily 300 lbs or so. Luckily, Pete’s genius kicked in and he was able to come up with multiple solutions. An engine winch helped get the canvas to the top of the scaffolding. Then his dad helped him get it up over the edge. We used rope and 2x4s to unfold the canvas. Lastly, Pete used a leaf blower to force air between the layers. This help us rotate the canvas into the right position. Huge success!

I hope you all are finding our building adventure as fun as we are. With all the rain that’s in the forecast for tomorrow, Pete will have time to get another video together. So make sure you head over to the Clearly East youtube channel to see a more detailed look at how this elaborate tent goes up.

Till next time!


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