Finishing Up The Exterior

The past few days things have changed considerably. We got the exterior wall layers up on Saturday. It’s so nice to see the coloured canvas up again. Love this blue!

Yesterday we mobilized the kids and moved a bunch of stuff into the Yurt. No, we aren’t moving in yet. There is still a lot to do! Things just needed to get shuffled around.

Earlier this week Pete moved the container closer to its resting place. The backhoe could only get it so far. It still needs to move 20 ft. (If anyone has any ideas…. always welcome some input)

Today we finished “buttoning up” the doors and windows. This involved stretching the canvas and screwing it in place. The canvas around the doors got stretched and stapled in place. Then we put the trim up. Very pleased with how it all went today.

The next thing will be stairs and framing in the interior walls. Excited to see the interior shape place soon.


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