We Have Power!

Big things happened this week! Pete’s brother came to help us install the solar system. In one day they mounted the solar panels and batteries, then hooked up the inverter and charge controller. By the end of the day we had the batters changing. Two days later we had them equalized and ready to take on a load. First test was to see how the system would work while running a coffee maker. (Super important!) The last system we had years ago couldn’t handle making coffee in a standard coffee maker (heating elements and solar systems aren’t exactly best friends). I can happily report that it worked amazingly! Then we tried the toaster… and again; perfection! We are so excited to see our system working so well. Once we get all our wiring put through the house and have some better running data, Pete will make a video to explain it all. So make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube channel to catch that when it comes out.

Meals are getting more and more exciting here at the yurt. The new stove is working wonderfully! We’ve made pizza and bread in the oven. Cooked all sorts of other yummy things on the stove top.

This week we also had a bunch of gravel delivered. We rented a skidsteer to grade it all as flat as we could. Probably will need a few more loads. But for now this is 100 times better than before!

With the gravel down now, we could finish building the front deck. Now we have two accessible ways into the Yurt. We will likely get to the railings next week. It’s all starting to feel like a home.



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