Summer Fun

The past few weeks we’ve slowed down working on the yurt. We took time to celebrate Josiah and Peter’s birthdays. It was a big one for Josiah this year… 13! We officially have a teenager in the family!

Peter has also started back up working again. This mean bigger projects around here only get done on the weekends now. We sure are missing him around here during the day. However, I think Otto misses him the most. He seems to think he should be going with Pete to work.

We had a wonderful surprise the first week of August. The excavating company we hired to cut the road in came! They made quick work of our steep hill. It was a big project that we had been waiting for all July.

Since the road has been put in we can finally see the sunsets. And boy, are they beautiful! Pete and I often sit here and soak them in. I still can’t get over how stunning it is here. The sky especially at night. The stars are stunning! One night I tried to photograph them. Something I’d like to get better at.

This weekend we worked on the railings for the exterior stairs. We used milled wood from the local mill and up-cycled spindles from my father-in-law’s old railing. They turned out really nice.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you all are enjoying the summer. Signing out ’till next time!


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