Stairway to Where?

It’s been 55 days of climbing up and down a ladder to get to my loft. 55 days of balancing, scooching, & hoping I wouldn’t have to pee in the middle of the night. But then everything in life finally aligned! And finally we got the stairs put in!!! Yahoo!!!

Just look at those beautiful steps! You wouldn’t even know that these used to be ugly rough cut boards. Pete and I took a good afternoon planing down the treads and risers. After the guys finished the stringers, I sanded and sealed the treads. And boy, did they turn out nice! I did 3 coats of varnish with a light sand in between. They feel so soft.

This week while Pete was off to work, the kids and I spent time working on the posts for the railings. They too needed to go through the process of sanding and varnishing.

Hopefully, with the long weekend we can finish off the railings and get the last of the plumbing sorted. Love seeing things get done, even if they are small.



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