Much Accomplished

Fall is here!

This past week so much has been accomplished! Pete had the week off work, and my parents came up for a visit from Ontario. With the extra help, we were able to get much farther than expected. My dad took on the project of burying the waterline. Pete brought our waterline inside and hooked up some plumbing. He also worked on routing electrical from the container into the house. Today we got working plugs inside! No more extension chords.

I, on the other hand, took on installing my kitchen!!! The day my parents were scheduled to arrive, I sanded and painted my kitchen wall. Then my son and I went to work on putting the Ikea cabinets together.

Mom helped organize the drawers.

Progress was happening quickly. By Tuesday I had a countertop! This was a huge improvement from the slightly broken folding table I’ve been using as a kitchen counter. And then… something amazing happened!!! Thursday morning Pete brought in my fridge. No more trudging back and forth when I have to make food.

There are still a lot of things that need to happen. However, I’m so thankful of how far we came the past two weeks. We have a warm fireplace, an almost finished kitchen, an insulated waterline, and electricity in the yurt. Life is good!

Until next time…


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