Digging Deep

Hello everyone! Today my Dad surprised me with a stash of pictures he took while he was here with my Mom back in September. He took on the huge job of digging in our waterline. It was such a big job! We couldn’t have gotten it all done without him. So thankful!

Here is the recap of that week.

Dad had just finished up the day digging from the yurt down the first small hill. From here it doesn’t look that steep. Believe me when I say, it doesn’t matter how fit you are, you will be out of breath by the time you climb back up!
Digging the ditch for the waterline.
Halfway down the hill!
Finally! He made it to the bottom of the hill. This is when it got tricky… about 50ft or so of rocks and tree roots from this point to the river.
Rocks and trees…and trees and rocks…
Here, Dad is digging our make-shift well.
This is the 8ft Culvert that was installed for our DIY well. It has holes drilled around it to allow water to flow in. Pete wrapped it in heavy felt to help filter the water.

Dad captured one of the prettiest sunsets! #nofilterneeded

It was such a joy to have my parents down for the week. They got to use their camper for the first time. We got to enjoy hot showers in the shower tent they brought with them. Together we accomplished so much! But best of all, we got to be together… hang out… eat yummy food… sip on coffee/tea… enjoyed good conversation as we watched the sunset. Good times and great memories. Can’t wait till next time!


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