Details Take Time

Hey everyone! We’ve had another productive few weeks here at the yurt. The bathroom wall got closed in for Zahra’s birthday weekend. We were able to bring in the composting toilet inside! No more cold morning runs to the bathroom for us.

Pete was able to get all the wiring, plumbing, framing and insulation done in that 9×8 bathroom.  It was a complicated few days. One day was spent entirely trying to install shower mixers! Another was spent re-routing everything for the hot water tank because he changed his mind on where to place it. There is so much getting packed into this small room that it’s important to get all the details right before we close it up.

Pete and his friend, Brad, started tiling the shower last weekend. They hope to finish it this weekend. It will be glorious to have a shower in the house again. Outdoor showers haven’t been an option since my parents came back in September. Since then, we have been using our friends’ shower. We are beyond blessed to know such amazing people.🥰

These little details seem to take the longest. They aren’t big builds that give immediate satisfaction. They take a lot of time to get just right and much of the time these little details get lost in the big picture–never to be noticed again. However, it’s these little details that make the big picture work and function. When it’s not done right, that’s the moment people take notice.

Until next time folks!


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