The happenings between the lines

Life never seems to go as planned. A yurt that once only took 3 months to get cozy and complete, now is into it’s 7th month. It’s definitely harder this time around. The land was raw and untouched, supplies haven’t been as easily available, and I don’t have access to any machine I need when I need it (oh the perks of living close to mom and dad). Therefore, like I’ve said before, things are slow. But between the slow putter of construction, life is bustling along at a speedy pace.

Every morning is filled with learning. Since the beginning of the school year we have studied all about insects, bugs and arachnids, the viking era, and now Christmas around the world. I cannot believe we are already into Christmas! The kids and I are excited to see what different traditions and folk tales we will discover in this new unit study. Maybe we will find some fun new traditions to add to our own celebrations.

Speaking of Christmas celebrations, December 6th was St. Nickolas Day! My parent immigrated from the Netherlands when they were young and brought the tradition of celebrating St. Nicks Day. In this tradition, on the eve of St. Nickolas day, children put their shoes by the door with a treat for St. Nick’s horse. The next morning the horse treat is replaced by treats and small gifts in their shoes. (Click the following links to find out more…Who is St. Nick? Traditions!) Below you will see what the kids got in their shoes…

However, December 6th is even more special to our family…. we also get to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday, as well as my in-law’s anniversary. This year mom turned 60 years young! Me and some of her friends planned a big surprise party for her. We had it 2 weeks early so that one of her close friends could attend. She was so surprised! It was a great success! 🙌🏻 She is not an easy person to surprise.

Momma Heidi with the cake I made for her.

I also had the privilege of making a birthday cake for my friends son. He turned 12 on the 3rd of this month. We had fun dreaming this one up.

Yes, there is still cake under all that candy!

There are so many things to celebrate this month and its just the beginning! I hope you all have a lovely time celebrating with your family and friends this season. Enjoy all your traditions that make this time extra special.

Weather big events or days in between, there is always something to celebrate and be thankful for…. Have lots of happy days!

Zahra made an Advent wreath

P.s. if you have a special family tradition that you’d love to share in the comments below… I’d love to hear about it!


One response to “The happenings between the lines”

  1. Beautiful Bobbie Joe. I’ve been thinking of you and would love to come for a visit as soon as I’m feeling better. I’ve had a virus for over 2 weeks which has placed me at home, but I’ve been appreciating those quiet times, walks in the park and sometimes just a drive by the ocean.
    Thanks for sharing your stories, updates and history if traditions.
    Blessings to you all,
    Merry Chris


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