Bathroom update!

Happy New Year everyone! Today we find ourselves a week into January. Already!!! I’ll never get used to how fast time seems to fly by. We had a good time over the holidays. Big plans were made to finish off the bathroom. We made the trip to Ikea to get the boxes for the vanity and I had the floor sitting in the container just waiting for It’s time to shine. Pete just had to mud and sand the room, then I could paint it! Like I said; big plans. However, when do things ever go as planned?

The weather turned out to be SO nice! Above freezing temperatures for half of the week! Therefore, we chose instead to work on cleaning up the brush on the side of the drive way.

Pete was finally able to finish up the mudding and sanding. Now, it was my turn to get in there and work my painting magic. Primer and 2 coats of paint later…

Then the floor and the vanity!!! Yay!

The transformation is so exciting to me! There is still trim work and boarding to put up, as well as get a counter and a sink for the vanity. Im still undecided on the type of counter top I’d like. Wondering about maybe a live edge slab with a vessel sink? We are accenting with black hardware. (I already have black hardware in the shower. I have my tap ordered. (Pictured below.) I’ve always wanted a facet like this! 😁

So yeah! If you all have any thoughts or ideas on what type of counter I should do… let me know in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you. Until next time folks!


One response to “Bathroom update!”

  1. Hey Bobbie Jo!
    The bathroom transformation between the two pictures is amazing! Good job guys. I love the vanity and faucet. And you’re right, a live edge slab would look so good. Or if not, maybe a white stone countertop with grey marbling

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