Spring is Here!

The mornings are starting to get noisy around here. Canadian geese are squawking as they make their way back. Chickadees, Yellow Finches, Jays, Cardinals, and Robin’s have started singing their songs again. As we get into May, I expect more migratory birds to arrive. Then it will really be a symphony of birds in our forest! I look forward to having the Thrushes arrive; they are my favourite song bird.

A few weeks ago, we started hearing a Loon call echoing up from the lake in the evenings. One evening I went down by the river to see if I could maybe spot it. However, instead of the Loon, there were a pair of beavers swimming down the river. It’s so fun to discover the different wildlife that live within our little piece of paradise.

Lately, however, there has been a particularly bothersome woodpecker that has fancied a few trees near the yurt. The crack of dawn seems to be it’s favourite time to go bug hunting! Learning to wake up with the rest of creation has been a learning curve. I’m not a morning person on a good day, but to be woken up by a noisy knocking sound around 6am… yup… you know it’s going to be a day FULL of coffee!

With spring comes all the urges to clean and start new projects. Pete and I have so many ideas! The trick is trying to sort out how to navigate them. At the moment we are working on cleaning up the container. It seemed to have collected a lot of garbage since the initial build. On our free time we’ve been sorting through everything. Some things are given away, while others are being sold, and the rest is sitting in a pile waiting for dump run. Once everything is cleaned up, we plan to get started on building a woodshed. We’ve struggled to keep the wood dry this winter. The winters in Nova Scotia are prone to be very wet with lots of mixed precipitation. Wet wood is terribly difficult to burn. It makes a mess of your chimney and doesn’t heat very well. We did the best we could with what we had. The bottom line is that wood needs to be stored properly to have the best burn. Thus a wood shed will be the first order of business for this year.

I’ll be sure keep the blog updated with pictures as we actually dig into new projects. Hoping for big things this season. Until next time! ☺️


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