The Beast

During the Christmas holiday we found a perfect gem of a machine! We dubbed her “the Beast.” On a good day it was located about a 20min car drive from our property. Due to the holidays we couldn’t find a company to float the machine, so we decided to drive it. We chose to do this on New Years Day. Turned out to be the perfect day to drive it on the side of the road. There was barely any traffic! 

It took us 1.5 hrs to get it from point A to point B at a snail speed of 10km per hr. It all felt so sketchy… but as it would happen there was no issues with the Backhoe. Instead, the van that I was driving, lost its muffler!

Here she is… home sweet home! Can’t believe we actually did this! 

As Pete got to work learning how to work the Backhoe, the kids worked on gathering sticks for a small bonfire. His mom and dad came to check out the machine and stayed to help cut some trees down. We had an amazing time all together. Looking forward to seeing all the things we can do with the new machine.


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