It’s been weeks!

3 weeks and no post. I really should set a schedule to make sure you all stay up to date. Things around here are going slow. With Pete working, projects take a lot more time. On my end, the kids and I have gotten busy with getting back into a school routine. But seriously, it’s close to the end of September!!!

October is just around the corner. The wind is reminding me that the season is changing. Mornings are chilly now. It’s time to get our wood stove installed!

Here is Peter working on tiling the pad for the stove.

Pretty tiles!
This is the special flange for the pipe to fit through the lattice.
Looking good!

We couldn’t install everything over the weekend. Time got away from us yet again. Saturday and Sunday flew by. Monday was now upon us again.

In other news, we passed the second scheduled inspection this week!!! We were so excited! The pressure for this one was huge! What if it things were not up to code? What if they decided to make us redo everything? We have never done this before and have been doing our very best to research and find out what our local codes are. This has been so frustrating. You’d think the townships would have documants posted or something. But no! It’s been such a struggle.

Seeing these green letters was a HUGE relief!

Screen shot from our inspection.

We have so much planned this next week. My parents are coming Sunday. Dad plans to help us dig in our well and water line. Hopefully, I remember to catch it on camera as we go.

Thats it for now…Until next time folks!


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